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CBT For Anxiety and Depression Treatment in Maine

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based psychotherapy treatment focused on treating negative thoughts, feelings, and behavior in patients. It aims to help people deal with stress and cope with complicated relationships and solve other challenges patients face in their everyday lives.
CBT is based on the theory that people’s feelings and actions are guided by their thoughts. For example, if a person has given a negative meaning to a certain event, it’ll always trigger negative emotions whenever it is repeated. Therefore, by encouraging patients to replace problematic thoughts with positive ones, CBT for anxiety and depression treatment in Maine helps them change the narrative, reducing stress and increasing productivity.

How Does CBT Work?

Some psychotherapy treatments address a patient’s past to determine the cause of their behavior. In contrast, CBT focuses on their current thoughts and feelings. Based on this insight, patients are asked to exercise strategies that can help them overcome challenges they face in their daily lives.
Identifying negative thoughts, setting new goals, and learning problem-solving skills are a few of those strategies. Apart from these, another essential factor of CBT is self-monitoring. Therapists ask patients to keep track of their symptoms, behaviors, and experiences and share it with them.

What Are the Benefits Of CBT?

When it comes to treating disorders and mental health conditions, CBT is one of the most effective treatments. And this statement is backed by science as well. Several studies have been conducted to determine the impact of CBT, and most of them have suggested positive results. Some other benefits of CBT include:

  • Long-term results: Since CBT teaches people how to deal with everyday challenges, the positive effects linger even after the treatment has stopped.
  • Short-term duration: Unlike some talk therapy treatments, CBT doesn’t last for years. Depending on the patient’s condition, it can be wrapped up between 5-20 sessions.
  • Alternative to medicine: No doubt, many people consume medicine to treat anxiety disorders. However, it doesn’t work for everyone, which is where CBT can help.

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