Dialectical Behavior Therapy Session in Delaware

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DBT Therapy Services in Delaware

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is a form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Although it’s also used as a treatment method for anxiety disorders, DBT therapy has proved beneficial in treating borderline personality disorder.
At The Resilio Counseling Group, we use DBT behavior therapy to help patients live positively-aligned and in-the-moment life.
Our virtual session comprises an expert counselor working with you to resolve internal contradictions. Your counselor will explore how the current actions make sense according to your personal experience. This understanding and reaching a middle ground will work as the gateway to reducing stress related to change.

What Does DBT Therapy Involve?

BPD involves intense emotional pain and a conflict in thought patterns leading to negative behaviors and outlook on life. Our DBT therapy services in Delaware helps you regulate emotions in several ways, including:
• Distress tolerance
• Mindfulness
• Interpersonal effectiveness
DBT therapy is also helpful in treating self-destructive behaviors such as eating disorders and PTSD.

We encourage individual session therapy to provide a one-on-one experience where you can connect with an expert mental health counselor in Delaware. We also welcome individuals from the LGBTQ+ community, helping them learn sustainable life skills and shed self-defeating behaviors.

DBT Mental Health Program in Delaware

If you have experienced borderline personality disorder symptoms or noticed a loved one undergoing the same, you’re eligible to enroll in a DBT mental health program in Delaware.
It’s not restricted to a specific age, with even adolescents finding benefits after enrollment. However, it’s a gradual recovery process. Therefore, consistency is key.

We Can Help You Heal from Within

The Resilio Counseling Group realizes individuals might shy away from making it to a doctor’s office. At the same time, we believe it shouldn’t stop you from reaching out to a compassionate, reliable, and professional mental health counselor. We can offer that listening ear to harbor long-term improvement via our virtual services.
Your emotions are real, and we’re here to help you cope with them to get the best out of life.