Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Alaska

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CBT Therapy Services in Alaska

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a common type of talk therapy with a professional mental health counselor. CBT helps you come to terms with your negative thinking and see the challenging situations more accurately. In turn, you can respond to those challenges effectively.
Whether used alone or in combination with other therapy methods, our CBT therapy services in Alaska treat several mental health disorders. These disorders include depression, PTSD, anorexia, etc.
Note: CBT is not only used to treat mental health-related issues. Instead, it’s an effective tool to help anyone struggling with stressful life situations.

CBT for Anxiety and Depression Treatment in Alaska

The first session of CBT for anxiety and depression treatment in Alaska includes gathering information about you and asking the main concerns you want to work on. We will ask about your past and current physical and emotional state of mind. Doing this helps us get a deeper insight into what you’re going through.
We also evaluate whether you’re the right fit for CBT or if other treatment methods and medications are needed.
Once the session starts, we’ll talk about your thoughts and feelings and the troubles you’re facing.
We understand it’s hard to open up about your feelings at first but rest assured that we’ll help you feel comfortable and confident throughout the session.
After identifying the troubling situations or scenarios, we encourage you to talk about your interpretation of those events.
Often, we suggest keeping a journal for your thoughts. Since specific stressful situations can cause you to think negatively, we also help you identify the negative thought patterns.

What to Expect When Treatment Ends

The final step involves reshaping your negative state of mind. This final step is the crux of the whole treatment approach. Often, people are so deeply rooted in their negative thoughts and life perception that it’s challenging for them to change how they think. But given time and practice, and with a compassionate therapist by your side, you can transform your thoughts towards a positive track and lead a healthier life altogether.