Dialectical Behavior Therapy Session in Alaska

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DBT Therapy Services in Alaska

Dialectical Behavior Therapy was developed as an evidence-based treatment for anxiety disorders by Dr. Marsha Linehan in the late 1980s.
DBT is most commonly used for Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment. As a form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, DBT helps regulate emotions through distress tolerance and mindfulness. Since BPD involves intense emotional pain, DBT alleviates that pain to lead BPD patients towards a healthier, more positive mindset.
DBT therapy services in Alaska are also used to treat other mental health problems. These include anxiety disorders, patients suffering from suicidal thoughts, and aggression.

DBT Mental Health Program in Alaska

The DBT mental health program in Alaska aims to help individuals come to terms with their regulating emotions. This type of therapy focuses on communicating with the patient in a comfortable and supportive environment to teach them coping skills for their negative thoughts and behaviors.
We gradually lead the patients to improve their daily lives, relationships, emotion regulation, mindfulness, and decision-making skills.
Our DBT therapy services in Alaska aim to deliver confidence in patients while connecting with them to establish long-term improvement.
We realize that, at times, individuals can’t make it to a doctor’s appointment or feel shy to meet in person. But that shouldn’t stop you from reaching out to a compassionate and professional therapist.
At The Resilio Counseling Group, we’re more than listening ears and ready to help you reach your maximum potential while coping with the emotions.