Exposure and Relapse Prevention Therapy in Alaska

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ExRP Treatment Therapy in Alaska

Exposure and Relapse Prevention Therapy is the go-to treatment option for OCD – obsessive-compulsive disorder. ExRP treatment therapy in Alaska involves identifying the internal and external triggers of obsessions and obsessive patterns.
Once identified, the triggers are sorted into an orderly form, with the therapist helping the patient restrain from acting out on the obsession.
ExRP is a form of talk therapy where the therapist communicates with the patient while working on their ritualistic behavior. The ultimate goal of ExRP therapy anxiety in Alaska is to help OCD patients stop themselves from performing disruptive obsessive and compulsive actions.

ExRP Therapy Anxiety in Alaska

OCD patients are more likely to suffer from several repetitive behaviors at once. It can be the need to constantly wash their hands for fear of catching germs, a need to organize things repeatedly and in a fixed pattern, or the thought to check the doors and windows for security.
Note: often, people confuse OCD with general want of cleanliness. But, the point of differentiation comes when the pattern becomes repetitive and involves disrupting the daily routine.
Here, Exposure and Relapse Prevention Therapy exposes individuals to their anxious thought patterns and teaches them to stop responding.
Furthermore, ExRP is divided into two parts – exposure component and relapse prevention.
Exposure helps people confront their fears by exposing them to a situation that has previously triggered obsessions or anxiety.
Relapse prevention ‘prevents’ the person from actively engaging with their repetitive behavior.
Ultimately, it aims to lessen the fear and anxious state of mind that a patient feels after being exposed and minimize the compulsion to engage with ritualistic behavior.

At The Resilio Counseling Group, we realize how challenging it is to not act out on the obsessions. So, while prevention can be difficult at first, we remain with you throughout your recovery journey.