Exposure and Relapse Prevention Therapy in Delaware

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ExRP Treatment Therapy in Delaware

Exposure and Relapse Prevention therapy involves identifying the external and internal triggers in OCD patients. It’s also used to treat other disorders, such as hoarding disorder, panic disorder, and Agoraphobia.

Our ExRP treatment therapy in Delaware revolves around helping patients restrain from acting out on their obsessions. For that, we uptake a talking therapy approach with our experts one call away to discuss the triggers affecting patient behaviors.

Since several causes can stimulate obsessive-compulsive disorder, we go deeper to understand and eliminate the grounding factors. Ultimately, it helps prevent individuals from a relapse.


How Does ExRP Therapy Anxiety in Delaware Work?

ExRP therapy anxiety in Delaware is split into two parts:

  • Exposure
  • Relapse Prevention

Exposure helps people confront their fears by exposing them to a situation that triggered an obsession or anxiety previously.

Relapse prevention focuses on preventing individuals from ‘acting out’ on their repetitive behaviors. Eventually, it leads to lessening the fear and anxious state of mind that creates a boundary wall, hindering you from enjoying life.

Is ExRP Treatment Therapy in Delaware Different from Standard Talk Therapy?

Talk therapy or psychotherapy has shown plausible results in dealing with psychological conditions. The procedure follows helping people gain insight into their problems. However, traditional talk therapy doesn’t offer successful results against active OCD symptoms.
In comparison, ExRP treatment therapy follows a streamlined approach to getting down on the patient level while understanding their triggers.
It’s also important to note that OCD or mental health problems are not restricted to an age group or gender. Therefore, it’s equally significant to address each patient with the care and compassion they deserve. Our mental health therapists in Delaware follow the same approach while offering ExRP treatment therapy via telehealth.

Recovery Is a Choice & We Are Here to Help You Achieve It

Experiencing a mental health challenge can put a stop to physical abilities. We understand recovering from past trauma or a mental health problem is not a one-time process. That’s why we’re here to be on your side on your road to recovery.
If you or a loved one are undergoing OCD or behavioral issues, seeking help is the first step. Our team doesn’t discriminate between gender, race, or color, with our sole focus on providing you the best care. For The Resilio Counseling Group, your mental well-being remains a top priority.